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Citing ‘Numerous Matches’ to Prince’s Family, Woman Says She’s His Daughter, Wants Claim to His Estate

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(Lester Cohen/WireImage/The Blast)

A woman who says she is Prince’s daughter has filed documents to be named as one of the heirs to his estate.

Snowe Melinda Saxman was adopted two weeks after she was born in Norfolk, Va., on Oct. 4, 1975, according to documents obtained by The Blast Monday, May 21. Saxman claims the adoption was closed and despite having no clue about who her biological parents are, she asserts there is “a reasonable possibility” she’s Prince’s birth daughter.

“Since I was young, many people have noted that I possess substantial physical, temperamental and aspirational similarities to Prince,” Saxman says in the filing made in Minnesota court. “I have a close resemblance to Prince … I consider myself very artsy and my personality has been described as flamboyant, natural-born star and performer made for the stage. I sing, dance, write music, and have taught myself to play instruments. I created many dances during high school and performed on numerous occasions as a child and young adult.”

The hopeful heir said she also had “numerous matches” to members of Prince’s family after submitting her DNA to Family Tree DNA. They include Prince’s parents, his half-brother Duane, and his ex-wife, Mayte Garcia. While Saxman could be indicating that Garcia is her birth mother, that would be impossible since the singer/dancer wasn’t even 2-years-old in October 1974.

TMZ reported Saxman did not directly match with Prince because his DNA isn’t in the system.

And despite her filing to be named one of Prince’s heirs, she says she has never been notified of the proceedings in the star’s probate case, from which his heirs say they have yet to receive a dime.

In response to the filing, several fans have expressed doubt.

“There is no offspring,” someone tweeted. “These ppl are whack.”

“Come on now,” another said. “Personally, I don’t [see] the resemblance.”

“Greedy ass,” a different fan said. “I hate people like this 🙄. They only want money,”

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