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White Farmers Prepare for War as They Fight to Keep Lands Stolen from Black South Africans

Boers in Azania (South Afrika) Preparing for War to Keep The Land They Stole from Black People

Boers in Azania (South Afrika) Preparing for War to Keep The Land They Stole from Black People

Posted by Irritated Genie of Soufeese on Tuesday, May 15, 2018

South Africa’s white minority is prepared to fight back amid the government’s plan to seizeĀ  “their” lands in an effort to rectify what’s been dubbed the nation’s “original sin.”

According to ITV News, Boers, or white farmers, have begun arming themselves as racial tensions continue to rise between themselves and Black South Africans. It was earlier this year when president Cyril Ramaphosa announced his intention to expropriate white farmland without compensation and see that it was returned “to the people from whom it was taken.”

Ramaphosa’s plan has since sparked fear and anger among the nation’s white farmers who are staunchly opposed to seeing their lands go back to the Black majority. The controversy has reportedly led to several violent attacks against Boers by native South Africans.

Tanya Wagener said she decided to take up arms after her home was robbed. She said racial tensions are at an all-time right now.

“A few years back, you wouldn’t have noticed it,” Wagener told ITV News. “You knew there was a high crime rate. You knew what was going on in the country, [but] now it’s different. When you leave home you can feel the animosity. It is like your skin color depicts who you are, not your soul.”

When asked about land expropriation plans, Wagener said she and her family have been left with very few options.

“I’m at that point because I have a little girl who’s just only turning two years old that me and my husband have two choices: either we stay here [and fight] or we emigrate,” she said.

So it’s “killed or be killed?” the interviewer asked.

“Yes,” Wagener responded.

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