A Kansas Elementary Teacher Leaves a Boy In Tears After Telling Him Police Will Shoot Him

Moments after allegedly being told that he’ll be a victim of police brutality by his teacher last week, a 10-year-old student at Rosehill Elementary School was filled with tears and withdrew from the Lenexa school.

A fourth-grade teacher spewed an upsetting comment at young Malachi Pearson when he and his friend were joshing around in the lunch line.

“Me and my friend were playing, and then she like pushed us away. We weren’t fighting. We were just playing and laughing,” the Kansas student told FOX4 during an interview on Tuesday.

“She told me when you turn 16 and the police shoot you, the only person you can be mad at is yourself,” the teacher allegedly told Pearson after confronting he and his friend.

The 10-year-old began to weep because his father was murdered by a stray bullet in Kansas City when Pearson was only 7 months old.

“I’m crying because it’s sad that my daddy died when I was a baby,” the young boy said.


Pearson’s mother Mahogany Foster was outraged after learning about the incident and immediately pulled him from Rosehill Elementary.

“It’s unbelievable that she would say that to my son… I’m so vexed by the whole thing. I never take sides, but I know for a fact that Malachi, he’s a respectful child, so for somebody to say that to a respectful child, I feel that was a low bloc and that was something personal. You shouldn’t say that to any child,” the upset mother stated.

Foster also exclaimed that the principal was very nonchalant about the situation and didn’t offer aid of any kind. “He doesn’t say I’m gonna get someone here to counsel Malachi to let him know that everything she said is a lie. I think they’re trying to sweep this under the rug,” she said.

The mother claimed the school district’s assistant superintendent called her and said the anonymous teacher was placed on leave, but the director of communications, Shawna Samuel, for Shawnee Mission Schools did not confirm that action.

“Our investigation is complete. It’s a personnel matter, and by federal law we cannot discuss any disciplinary decisions taken against a teacher or employee,” Samuel stated.

However, Pearson is excelling at a new school and is “trying to move on from what she said.”

The child’s mother said,” That teacher needs to apologize to him… It’s just made me scared to send him to any school. Now, I’m really focusing on homeschooling.”

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