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Louisiana Man Who Proposed to His Girlfriend During Her Graduation Is Accused of Stealing Her ‘Time to Shine’

Viral video of a Louisiana man proposing to his girlfriend at her college graduation has sparked fierce debate over whether it’s appropriate for men to propose at celebrations of their significant other’s accomplishments.

The footage, shared via Twitter this week, shows 23-year-old James Clark pop the question during his girlfriend Marquell’s graduation ceremony in Baton Rouge. The heartwarming clip has already amassed over 2.3 million views but left many critics speculating if his wife-to-be was truly pleased about the proposal.

Some took it a step further, arguing that Clark’s timing was all wrong and accusing him of stealing his girlfriend’s moment to shine.

“Can I just say something real quick,” Clark says in the video, while Marquell, who has just graduated from Southern University, stands by in her blue cap and gown. ” … I am just so proud of my gorgeous, intelligent girlfriend. She [has] put so much work in, long nights of studying, working hard, so it’s so beautiful to see you make it to this moment.”

After announcing that he has a “special graduation present,” Clark pulls out the ring, drops to one knee and asks the million-dollar question. Marquell happily accepts. Their family and friends erupt into joyful noise as he slips the ring on her finger, sealing their engagement.

Not everyone was happy about the spectacle, however. Clark’s proposal drew intense reaction from feminists who felt he should’ve picked a different time to propose so as not to take away from his girlfriend’s special day.

There were also those who didn’t take issue with the incident — including Clark’s fiance, Marquell, who clapped back at haters who criticized her reaction to the proposal.

Some accused the critics who bashed Clark of being ” lonely and bitter,” and questioned why folks just couldn’t be happy for the newly engaged couple.

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