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White Woman Refuses to Obey Cops Who Scold Her for Calling 911 on Black Real Estate Investor ‘Hurry Up, Get Out!’ 

Handy work is the latest activity to be added to the list of things Black folks can’t do without the cops being called on them.

A video uploaded to YouTube earlier this month shows Memphis real estate investor Michael Hayes engaging with police after a neighbor called them while he was inspecting a property next door.

In the video, Hayes explains he was at the home, which is in shabby condition, to inspect it. He wrote that’s when the white neighbor came out of her home and asked “what the f–k” he was doing there. Hayes said he showed the woman the investment contract giving him permission to be on the property, along with written permission from the homeowner.

The documents were of little consolation to the nosy neighbor, however, who ended up dialing 911 on the Black investor.

Once officers arrived, Hayes calmly explained his business there. The cops seemed sympathetic to what he was saying and asked the neighbor to just let Hayes do his job.

“Hurry up, do it, and get out!” the woman shouts, after which the two officers inform her that Hayes doesn’t have to rush because he has permission to be there. He could take all day to inspect the home if he wanted, they state. The woman proceeds to yell insults at both Hayes and the officers at this point.

Hayes then asks the officers to stick around for a few more minutes just in case any problems arise with the angry neighbor while he finishes inspecting the house.

At the end of the video, Hayes thanks the two cops for their handling of the situation.

“They could tell the lady was crazy,” he said.

Watch more of the video above.

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