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Woman’s Body Found Hanging from Tree Near Georgia Walmart, Police Don’t Suspect Foul Play

An investigation is being conducted after a body was found hanging from a tree in South Fulton, Georgia on Old National Highway Monday morning.

Patrol cars surrounded the local Walmart’s parking lot as authorities tried to determine the cause of death. Channel 2 news reporter Rikki Klaus said the South Fulton detective confirmed that the case was ruled a suicide and no foul play was suspected. Klaus tweeted at 4:29 a.m., “BREAKING- This is truly disturbing…The medical examiner’s office is here.”

She then wrote, “I just got off the phone with the South Fulton detective authorized to share information with the media. She said an unidentified woman was found hanging from a tree overnight near a Walmart on Old National Highway. She said the investigation revealed the woman killed herself. ”

Klaus earlier reported that the unidentified woman’s legs were dangling at a 45-degree angle and her torso was upright against the tree.

This latest incident comes on the heels of another hanging of a 20-year-old Black male who reportedly tied a chain around his neck and hung himself off a bridge near downtown Atlanta on Martin Luther King Boulevard. Investigators ruled his death a suicide although people questioned whether or not it was a lynching.

Atlanta residents and social media users have noticed that there have been more hangings these last past months and one person feels that a thorough investigation needs to be conducted.

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