World War II Veteran Celebrates His 100th Birthday and 71 Years of Marriage

World War II veteran Abe Thornton celebrated his 100th birthday this month with his wife of 71 years Evelyn Thornton.

According to Fox 5, Abe and Evelyn have 7 children, 10 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren. The two lovers met in 1946 after Abe served in the military four years.

Their daughter Denise Thornton said, “My dad’s a superhero… Batman and Robin is Abe and Evelyn.”

The family gathered to celebrate Abe’s birthday as well as their anniversary. Abe is recovering from a recent illness and Evelyn is struggling with dementia. However, the children noted that their parents plan to honor their wedding vows and stay together until death do them part.

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