Petition Asking for Charges to be Dropped Against Waffle House Victim Gains Almost 10k Signatures

Ever since the video of Chikesia Clemons being mishandled by Alabama police officers in Waffle House went viral, people have rallied behind the victim.

The 25-year-old was arrested and dragged to the ground last month on April 23 by police inside of a Saraland Waffle House. The woman’s dress was pulled down by officers while exposing her private areas. The video immediately sparked outrage.

A town-hall meeting was held on May 1 by civil rights activist Reverend Al Sharpton and Clemons’ attorney Benjamin Crump, who rallied for community support of the victim. Advocates created an online petition urging all charges against Clemons to be dropped. The request has over 8,100 signatures.

Despite the video showing the officer’s aggressive behavior, the Saraland Police Department stood behind the officers according to Fox 10. Investigators said the incident occurred over a $0.50 utensil. Police allege Clemons threatened the Waffle House employees, but witness statements say otherwise.

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