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Kanye West Responds to Donald Glover’s ‘A Kanye Place’ SNL Sketch


One of the highlights of Donald Glover’s “Saturday Night Live” appearance was his parody of the thriller “A Quiet Place” centered on Kanye West. And while the rapper can get fired up about some things, he had a light-hearted response to the sketch.

“A Kanye Place” focuses on five friends trying to remain quiet to avoid being killed by monsters who mangle anyone who emits noise. But Glover’s character leads them each to be killed off one-by-one as he updates them on West’s latest tweets.

“You guys,” Glover says in an excited whisper. “Kanye just tweeted! He said he would have voted for Trump … Kanye has the hat and everything!”

When Kenan Thompson’s character glimpses the infamous signed “Make America Great Again” hat, he exclaims, “Oh come on, Kanye!” and is instantly snatched by the monster.

As the sketch progresses, each surprised West-related reaction leads to another demise until Glover is the only one left standing — barely.

West wasn’t upset about the mocking, however. In fact, he indicated he enjoyed the sketch.

In response to the tweet from West, who further supported Glover by tweeting his video for the thought-provoking gun control single, “This Is America,” several users let their thoughts be heard.

“Self-aware Kanye is the best Kanye,” someone said.

“The moral of the story (skit) is stop being distracted by the ridiculousness of tweets,” said another. “There are MUCH bigger things in this world that we should be worried about and paying real attention [to]. Stop being distracted by the shiny objects 🤦🏽‍♀️”

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