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4-Year-Old Alabama Boy Uses His Allowance to Help Feed the Homeless

A 4-year-old Alabama boy already made it his duty to give back to his community in Alabama.

Austin Perine was inspired to give to the homeless shortly after learning that there are people in this world without homes or a family. Austin’s father TJ Perine told CBS News that they were watching a documentary about pandas when Austin saw the mother panda abandon her baby panda. At that moment Austin asked, “What’s homeless?,” and TJ replied, “‘It’s when you don’t have a home and sometimes you don’t have mom or dad around.”

That newfound information inspired Austin to do something to help those in similar predicaments as that baby panda. He took on a superhero persona with the name “President Austin.” He began using his allowance and money his parents would have spent on toys and use it instead to buy sandwiches and give them out to people in need.

TJ said his son chose his superhero name because “That’s his idea of what the president is supposed to do.”

After each hand out of food, he reminds them to “Don’t forget to show love.”

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