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Mother Says She Was Dragged By School Bus After Confrontation with Driver

A mother in Dekalb County, Ga feared for her life after a bus driver allegedly drove off as she was trapped between the bus doors.

Amanda Taylor claimed the bus dragged her yards away from the initial area where she was standing.

The mother said the incident began after she addressed the bus driver about speaking rudely to her 9-year-old daughter, but the Dekalb County employee did not want to discuss the situation. Taylor told Channel 2 News, the driver allegedly attacked her by trapping the mother between the bus doors.

“I’m yelling, ‘Are you serious? I’m recording you,” Taylor said in the video sent to Channel 2 news reporter Carl Willis.

She claimed she was “unable to get out” of the vehicle.

Dekalb County School District wrote in a statement, “The images in the video are disturbing, completely inappropriate and do not reflect a productive interaction between a parent and an employee. We expect disagreements to be addressed respectfully and not to the detriment of students.”

The mother said she’s hurt because the school is still allowing the employee to drive the bus despite Taylor’s and other parents complaining about the driver. However, people have also questioned the mother’s actions towards the driver.

“Were you intending to get into a confrontation?” Willis asked Taylor.

“No. My intent, my whole purpose was to catch her in a lie,” Taylor responded back.

“I never stepped onto the bus. I never threatened her in any way… I simply tried to talk to the bus driver,” the mother stated.

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