Diamond and Silk’s Testimony Before Congress Flies Off the Rails — But Did they Perjure Themselves?


Trump-loving social media vloggers “Diamond and Silk” are in the hot seat after allegedly lying to Congress about money they received from President Donald Trump’s campaign.

During a hearing before the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday, the duo, whose real names are Lynette Hardaway (Diamond) and Rochelle Richardson (Silk) denied ever being paid by the Trump campaign. The hearing was initially called to discuss the women’s claims that they’re being censored by Facebook after the social media giant deemed their content “unsafe to the community.”

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) pressed the pair about payments they received from the Trump campaign, which Hardaway refuted, saying, “… No, we have never been paid by the Trump campaign.”

“You’ve never been paid by the Trump campaign?” the congresswoman pressed again.

“We have never been paid by the Trump campaign!” Hardaway shot back in agitation.

“Not $5, not $100?” the Lee asked once more. “Not $1,274.94?”

Hardaway vehemently denied the claims.

A Federal Elections Commissions report of the Trump campaign’s expenditures, however, shows the women were paid exactly $1,274.94 for “field consulting” work. Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) cited the damning report and informed the women they could be charged with perjury for lying to Congress about money they received.

Richardson brushed off the “field consultant” title as a mistake on the Trump campaign’s part, saying the campaign had simply reimbursed them for travel expenses incurred while out stumping for Trump.

“You as an African-American are not going to make us feel guilty for… monetizing our platform!” she shouted at Jefferies.

Watch more of the hearing above.

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