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John Witherspoon Is Not Here for Starbucks’ Racial Bias Training

“Friday” actor John Witherspoon isn’t giving Starbucks the least amount of props for its upcoming racial bias training.

The actor spoke to TMZ Thursday, April 19 and while he’s not a coffee drinker himself, he’s onboard with Black folks starting their own coffee businesses. And that’s a good thing considering several Black-owned coffeeshops nationwide have experienced a boom in business after two Black men were arrested at a Philadelphia Starbucks last week.

“They should get the Black Ford, Black coffee, Black bread, Black everything,” he says. “Black chicken, everything. [Don’t] be worried about no damn Starbucks.”

Witherspoon added that if he were Rashon Nelson or his business partner Donte Robinson, he’d sue the coffee chain.

“The CEO said ‘What can they do? What can they do to make it up?’ Give me $5 million and I’ll kiss your ring,” the “Boomerang” star says.

And he’s also not impressed with Starbucks’ plan to close 8,000 stores for training to prevent such incidents from happening again.

“That don’t mean s—,” the comedian says. “They’re trying to act like they’re so liberal now. Probably get free coffee too. You get all the Starbucks you want … just come in there and hug a white person.”

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