D.L. Hughley Has a Harsh But Necessary Message for People Who Call 911 on ‘Suspicious’ Folks


Comedian D.L. Hughley talks straight facts about white ignorance leading to killings of Black people.

During a segment on Hughley’s radio show “The GED Section”, he discussed white people’s biases as one of the leading causes of recent police shootings. He mentions the death of 12-year-old Tamar Rice, who was shot and killed by officers due to an impartial 911 call. The “Original Kings of Comedy” actor recounts a handful of Black tragedies that resulted from white prejudice.

“Biases aren’t just inconvenient, biases aren’t just ugly, biases are deadly and [are] killing people,” Hughley said. “They will see you, make their mind up, call the police and something happens immediately… If you call the police just to be funny or just to be curious or just because your interest is peaked, you’re putting somebody’s life in jeopardy… Biases are killing people.”

The talk show host continued and encouraged white people to ask themselves whether their pre-conceived ideas of Black people are “worth” people of color losing their lives. He noted that interaction “between police and people of color, there can be an escalation” and more often it’s “for nothing”.

He explained that people often call authorities on people who “look suspicious” or feel the person doesn’t “belong” in their neighborhood and these biases are leading to killings in the Black community.

“We can not keep having ourselves at the mercy of peoples who biases put us in harm’s way,” Hughley exclaimed. “Make sure the Black person you see is the person you see for-real.

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