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‘My 600-Lb Life’ Star Quits Show After Being ‘Humiliated’


After “My 600-Lb Life” star Schenee Murray quit the TLC show, she was chastised online for her decision — and hitting back on Facebook Live didn’t help matters, either.

Murray, whose 712-pound weight gain began as a child when a cousin molested her, had dropped to 621 pounds in eight months to prepare for bariatric surgery. However, she left the program and blocked the numbers of her surgeon, Dr. Younan Nowzaradan and TLC, which aired her episode Wednesday, April 4.

“She made a choice to reject all the help offered to her and do this all on her own now,” the doctor told the network per Ebony magazine.

Since then, Murray has been sharing updates about her fitness journey on her Facebook page and set up a GoFundMe campaign Monday, April 9 to allow people to “hear the real truth” and send financial support. “I’m raising this money for a great cause. I was dragged to Houston TX to get humiliated on national tv (and) I have been struggling ever since.”

The Indianapolis native claimed the reality show portrayed inaccuracies about her story and her husband. Yet folks remained critical of her.

“Editing didn’t make you look bad, YOU made you look bad,” someone wrote on her Facebook page. “Accountability is the first step to recovery.”

“Wow, unbelievable!!” said another. “Begging for money when you had it all free.”

“Schenee you have proved yourself a glutton,” another said. “You threw away a perfect opportunity to lose this weight which so many others would like the chance to get help …you are an opportunist…it’s pretty obvious you made a complete ass of yourself.”

On that same day her fundraiser launched, Murray went on Facebook Live to fight back against those who have bashed her.

“What’s good y’all. I’m still in Houston,” she begins before he husband takes ownership of eating the pizza she was accused of consuming on-air. “I don’t know what everybody’s going crazy for but let me tell you this — I don’t [fall] for no man but God. Oh, and I’m always going to be beautiful. I hope everyone is watching this, yes. Big, beautiful, and bold. I don’t [fall] for no man.”

Regardless, folks did not let up on Murray.

“Posting this live video did not help your cause,” someone commented.

“You may be big and beautiful, but you are unhealthy and extremely overweight,” another said in part. “You won’t make it to 40.”

Still, a few people have showered the 28-year-old with love an support.

“If you people don’t have nothing nice to say about my friend don’t say anything at all. We all have a story and a struggle,” someone posted.

“Schenee you got this, I believe you can lose the weight,” said another.

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