Son Asks His Mother to Prom For This Reason and Leaves the Internet In Awe

A son asked his mother to be his prom date after missing her own and she proudly accepted. Nassir, who’s Instagram name is Nas_nbl, was inspired to ask his mother to prom when he recalled the sacrifices she made for him.

Nassir, who attends O’Hara high school in Pennslyvania, remembered his mom telling him that she missed her own prom because she’d given birth to him just six months prior. Well, the proud mother MsLadyFa, posted a screenshot of the conversation she had with her son and it instantly went viral.

“Son: Mom, would you like to be my date to my senior prom? Mom: Aww. What made you ask me? Son: Because I remember when you were getting ready for my 8th grade formal, you told me that you didn’t go to your senior prom because you had me six months prior & you rather spend your money on your 1st apartment.. Mom: 😢 I would be honored!! Son: You deserve it!,” the conversation read.

LadyFa added, “At that moment I knew I did a great job raising him.#RaisingKings #Dope Mom #DopeSon”

Son takes his mom to prom. (OfficiallyDahsar’s Instagram)

The heartfelt Instagram post left many social media users in joyful tears and uplifted spirits.

Keepitboss wrote, “I literally cried reading this, this is awesome ❤❤.”

Crystalrosee commented, “Such a sweet thing for you to do- the gesture alone must have made her feel so complete! She has done her job well✔.”

Jacsmachado added, “This is the most beautiful thing ever!!!! You are a king for treating your mom as a queen! Shows she raised a good man and there is nothing more beautiful than a man recognizing his mother! All the love ❤.”

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