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April Ryan Said She Received Death Threats After Asking Whether Trump Considered Resigning

Journalist April Ryan revealed that she has received death threats after asking White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders whether Donald Trump has considered resigning as POTUS.

During a recent appearance on CNN, Ryan defended her question, telling host Wolf Blitzer the inquiry sparked a wide range of reactions.

“Some are saying it was a great question — people who do not support this president. And those who are supporting this president are outraged, are angry,” she said. “… I have been getting death threats, and we’ve been calling the FBI.”

“This is real,” she continued. “I asked a simple question, I did not point a finger, I asked a question and now my life is in jeopardy because of a question. But I’m going to continue to do my job.”

Ryan, a White House reporter for National Urban Radio Networks, asked Sanders Tuesday if Trump pondered stepping down at any point, considering the recent FBI raid of his personal attorney Micheal Cohen’s home, office and hotel. She noted that she’s heard from sources before that the president has mulled resignation.

Sanders brushed off the question with a short “no,” however, calling it “absolutely ridiculous.”

“That is not illogical, irrational. It is a real question on the table that a White House does not want to deal with,” Ryan told Blitzer.

The acclaimed journalist has hand heated exchanges with press secretaries in the past, and this wasn’t her first go-round with Sanders. In November, Ryan sparked a Twitter beef with Sanders over whether or not she actually baked a pie for Thanksgiving.

Things also became tense when Ryan asked former Press Secretary Sean Spicer his thoughts on the administration’s alleged ties to Russia. That’s when Spicer told her to “please stop shaking her head” as he gave his answer.

“Unfortunately, I was roadkill today,” Ryan said after the briefing. Ryan reportedly received death threats after that exchange as well.

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