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‘Don’t Do It’: Black Woman Steps In to Keep Racist White Man From Getting His Butt Kicked By Asian Passenger

A Black woman stepped into de-escalate a heated confrontation between a racist white man and an Asian passenger on a Northern California BART train late last year.

In a Facebook video published by NowThis last week, an older white man is seen berating and physically assaulting an Asian man as he sits quietly on the train. The man repeatedly refers to the passenger as a “Chinese n—-r” as he lunges at his victim and slaps the man as fellow passengers look on.

A witness filmed the entire incident.

“I’ll punch you down your seat, you f—–g [inaudible],” the attacker says. “I’ll hunt you down … n—-r. Yeah, you Chinese n—-r.”

The victim calmly stands his ground, refusing to give the bully the response he wanted, seemingly in an effort to defuse the situation. The passenger’s coolness and short “yep” only seemed to anger the white man more, however.

“Oh—you think I’m afraid of you?” the aggressor says, to which the passenger replies, “I never said that sir.”

“I hate you f—–g Chinese f—s,” the man continues before slapping the victim. The hit triggered a different response from the passenger, prompting him to stand up and issue this warning: “Put your hands on me one more time, motherf—-r.”

That’s when the Black female passenger intervenes, wedging herself between the two infuriated men. She’s heard trying to calm the Asian man down and prevent him from engaging in what is clearly a racially-motivated attack. She courageously put herself in harm’s way, as she could’ve easily been struck by the attacker from behind.

“Don’t do it. Don’t do it,” the woman says. “Sit down. Don’t do it.”

According to NowThis, three calls were made to police about the on-train disturbance. The white man fled before authorities arrived, however. Police applauded passengers for their handling of the frightening situation.

The incident reportedly happened several months ago but was just recently brought to light.

Watch more of the video above.

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