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50 Cent Has Had It with Vivica A. Fox After She Claims He Was Set to Propose Before Break-up

Despite appearing to bury the hatchet a year ago, Vivica A. Fox once again has ex-boyfriend 50 Cent’s name in her mouth and he’s completely over it. Fox appeared on “The Wendy Williams Show” to promote her new memoir and shared a new detail about her relationship with Fidy.

“I think that the reason why it’s haunted me for such a long time is … [is] I found out later that he wanted to propose to me,” the author of “Every Day I’m Hustling” tells Williams after admitting she was “very much in love with him” and that she is still attracted to the rapper.

“I always felt like, ‘Gosh, if I could have just done better,'” she says. “I didn’t know.”

Despite Fox’s gushing about her ex, he wasn’t too pleased that she brought up their 14-year-old relationship once again.

“What the f— is going on here🤨man Damn. Smh 😡get the strappp NOW!” he wrote in the caption Tuesday, April 10.

He added in the comments that he’d be practicing abstinence and issued a public service announcement to “stay away from the blue ones” in a reference to “The Matrix.”

50 cent vivica a. fox

Fox and 50 got into it last year when he took a jab at the “Two Can Play That Game” stage actress for her supposed botched facial enhancements. And just three weeks ago, 50 got riled up over an excerpt from Fox’s book where she said she was the main initiator of sex during their relationship.

“First of all, not after 14 years, no. ‘Cause if a n—– showed up and talking about ‘You had some bomb ass p—y after 14 years’ … You would’ve been done called the police on the n—-,” he said of the blurb on Instagram. “Called your brothers and told your brothers to jump the n—- … The girls act like it ain’t nothing when they do some s— like that, but if a guy do something like that, you going to look at him like something’s wrong with him.”

Meanwhile, several people have given their two cents on the current situation between Fox and 50.

“50 loves her too,” someone commented. “He will be texting Vivica by the weekend! Just get back together y’all!”

“This pic full of bitterness, other people’s business and bad surgery,” someone else said. “Get the strap lol.”

“Lol 😂 she is literally obsessed with you… what did you do to her?” another wondered.

Someone else wrote, “U gotta break her off again she not gone stop…😭😭😭😭 @50cent.”

“I’m dying laughing,” said another. “Vivica tryna sell her book. Gotta love the hustle. 😍 “

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