Why Two Nigerian Brides Took Their Final Exams In Their Wedding Dresses

Image of the brides taken from Twitter

When two Nigerian Mass Communication students were forced to choose between taking their final exams to graduate or their wedding day they chose both.

Dorcas Atsea and Deborah Atoh had thoroughly planned out their weddings with invitations, hall rentals, receptions, the works. But everything went into chaos when their final exam at Benue State University in Nigeria was rescheduled due to inadequate facilities.  “My wedding was already fixed and I already told people it was April 7 and sent out invitations, we decided not to change the date,” Atoh told CNN. Atsea said “my wedding was already fixed and planned before the exam.”

They tried to get the university to reschedule the exam but lecturer Benjamin Ogbu said it could be changed. “University system is such that you don’t have compassionate grants for people subjectively. If you do such, you compromise standards, Ogbu told CNN.

Both women decided they would say their vows, rush to the university take the exam, then run off again to enjoy their receptions.

They received a lot of support from their classmates. “I was excited graduating and wedding at the same time. My classmates were so happy. When I walked into the hall, for ten minutes everybody was just shouting before we started the exam and after the exam, I went back to the reception venue because my guests were waiting for me,” Atsea said.

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