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Marlon Wayans Clowns Reality Star Kim Zolciak and She Claps Back

Kim Zolciak and her former NFLer husband Kroy Biermann did not take kindly to Marlon Wayans’ joke about the reality star’s appearance Monday, and they had no problems saying so.

On April 9, Wayans posted a screenshot of Zolciak from a preview for the next episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion.

“No we are not in production on White Chicks 2,” he wrote in the caption referencing his 2004 comedy where Black FBI agent brothers disguise themselves as white socialites. “The f—!”

In addition to firing off in the comments section, writing in part that she”was always a super big fan of yours and my kids loved you,” according to E!, she further explained her thoughts to TMZ.

“I think it’s inappropriate that a grown ass man in this #MeToo movement was knocking a woman,” she says. “I think it’s gross.”

Her husband added that Marlon should “be a man” and that what he did was “a total coward move.”

“It’s just not funny,” Zolciak adds. “You know, the ‘f—‘ and all that afterward is not setting a good example.”

The celebrity gossip website also caught up with Wayans himself and he addressed the post saying it was just a joke.

“And I love the girl,” he adds. “I think I met her and the kids and her husband and they’re nice people. But … I think that we all have to be cognizant. … I actually just saw [the picture] online. … I did think it was a shot at ‘White Chicks.'”

He also joked that while it’s Biermann’s duty to defend his wife, he probably had secretly been thinking that Zolciak needed to lay off the injections.

Then, when the TMZ paparazzo relayed to the Biermanns that he had just spoken to Wayans and that the comedian swept the joke aside, the couple deemed him a “coward” and a “p—-.”

Regardless, several commenters on Wayans’ post had more jokes about Zolciak’s pout.

“She looks like the female version of Howard the Duck,” someone wrote.

“🗣 I been lookn for the lips to my Mrs. Potato Head!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣,” another commented.

Still, others bashed the negativity.

“Every single person commenting something negative on this will NEVER be on her level!!! 😘,” a fan wrote.

“I’m disgusted by every single person being negative on here you all are what’s wrong with society and karmas watching all of you,” another said. “💋 Sorry, you’ll never be on her level.”

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