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Flint Kids Exposed to Lead to Undergo Testing, Screenings to Determine Special Education Needs

Flint Water Crisis

The ACLU’s lawsuit asks that the Michigan Dept. of Education and other agencies implement positive behavioral programs in every school. (Image courtesy of Reel Urban News)

FLINT, Mich. (AP) — An agreement has been reached to get more services to Flint children who were exposed to lead in drinking water.

Under the deal, the state of Michigan will provide $4.1 million, if the Legislature approves the money. Parents will be encouraged to get kids signed up on a registry, which will lead to tests and other screenings to help determine any special education needs.

The agreement announced Monday would partly settle a lawsuit against the state and Flint-area school groups, including the city’s school district.

Kristin Totten of the American Civil Liberties Union says the deal is a “critical first step.” She says there’s still more litigation over Flint kids with disabilities.

Lead-tainted water flowed in Flint for 18 months before a disaster was declared in 2015.

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