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D.L. Hughley Criticizes Woman For Not Wanting to Support Stephon Clark Because of His Dating Preferences


As rallies continue in the wake of Stephon Clark’s police shooting death, details about his dating preferences have emerged and he appeared to have a keen disinterest in Black women. While one woman called on Black women to stop protesting for him, comedian D.L. Hughley has a different take.

The tweets, particularly two dating back to October 2015, are purportedly from Clark’s Twitter account and include several comparisons between Black women and Xboxes. There are also tweets touting Clark’s alleged preference in Asian women over Black women.

D.L. Hughley

The post came ahead of several videos Chyna Fox posted explaining why she’s not backing Clark.

In response, Hugley dedicated his “Here’s a Little Note from the GED Section” of his radio show to responding to Fox.

“We already have people who already make enough excuses for Black men and Black women losing their lives,” Hughley says Friday, April 6. “Now we have an idiot on social media talking ’bout how she’s not there to support somebody because of his dating choices? So let me get this straight. Not only do you have to run through the gauntlet that Black people have to run through to get past the authorities, but now in order to get support, you have to do everything that some idiot likes. …  Wrong is wrong.”

He added that the bottom line is most folks want Black people dead for “bulls— reasons.”

“When somebody actually gets on social media and tells you a person is dead but they don’t really care because of their dating choices, you’re ignorant and your support isn’t necessary,” he added. “It was never real support anyway, it was voyeurism. … You make it OK to do what they do.”

Fox, however, claimed Hughley issued a “gross misrepresentation” of what she said.

“I never once said it was ok for someone to be killed because of dating preferences. This is a gross misrepresentation of what I said. You should know better,” she wrote. “And then you try to invalidate my blackness because I’m light skinned and compare me to a woman who has robbed the Black community? This is intellectually dishonest and making a mockery out of Black women’s plight. Shame on you.”

Others backed Fox’s stance on Black women not being required to stand up for Clark while making it clear it wasn’t OK that he was killed.

“Did he deserve to be killed? Of course not,” someone said. “Are [Black women] obligated to march and put their lives on the line for this guy? It’s up to the [Black women]. I really, really doubt that [Black women] who’ve decided not to put their bodies on the line or to advocate for this guy are saying that he deserved to be unjustly murdered.”

“I’m with her if you no for my community you’re against it. ‘Only thing I want Black is my Xbox.'” someone else said. “Out right bedwarmer, yes I feel bad for his family and yes he was killed unjustly but to have the gall to ride the blq support wave is fake as hell.”

“Dude openly dissed us,” said one woman. “Get those other women to support the cause. We got other s— and causes to support.”

Still, one person remained focused on what led to Clark’s death.

“At the end of the day, he was killed for being Black not because of his ignorance!” they said.

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