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Upset Father Fires Back at Naysayers Over His Daughter Tantrum ‘Don’t Tell Me How to Discipline My Child’

A father who posted his daughter throwing a fit in class is now firing back at critics who questioned his parenting skills.

The viral video shows the little girl, whose name is apparently “Aria,” slamming multiple bookshelves, throwing items, and screaming at her teacher “Benita.” The tantrum has received at least 8 million views. However, social media users were not pleased with the child’s behavior and berated Shawn Allen, the alleged father. One person wrote, “Your child has the behavior of an absent father.”

Allen originally posted the video sent to him by his daughter’s Headstart teacher with the caption, “My Princess, Aria & Teacher had a lil disagreement which made Aria a little upset! Imma have to give her a timeout when she comes home!”

Facebook users were quick to blast the father for his daughter’s outrageous behavior and his disciplinarian abilities. Many accused the father of doing it for social media.

Allen updated and edited the post later on, ” I don’t appreciate how everyone in the comments telling me how to raise & discipline my child. Worry about yours and I’ll worry about mines.”

Now people are alleging the Facebook page Allen posted the video from is a scam page and don’t believe the little girl is his child because there are no other photos or videos of Aria on his profile.

Allen has yet to make a post addressing those allegations, but he has clapped back once more to people bashing his parenting skills. “Everyone know how to raise everyone else’ child but their own. How about they make sure their childs dad is in the childs life,” he wrote.

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