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White Supremacy Literature and More Explosives Found in Apartment of Man Who Died Making Bomb

Benjamin D. Morrow, who blew himself up, in Wisconsin, had a trove of white supremacist literature/Screenshot

Authorities found white supremacist literature in the apartment of the Wisconsin man who blew himself up trying to make a homemade bomb.

On March 5, an explosion at the Village Glen Apartments killed Benjamin Morrow, a 28-year-old pre-pharmacy college student in Pensacola, Florida. Authorities found his body in the kitchen in front of the stove beneath the rubble. According to Rawstory, during the investigation of his apartment, police also found other hazardous materials, white supremacist pamphlets, rifles, a handgun, hundreds of rounds of ammunition and a bullet-proof helmet and vest.

In the days following the explosion, Kevin Helmerl, Wisconsin Division of Criminal Investigations Agent, found over a dozen jars of “finished TATP explosive material” in Morrow’s refrigerator. According to the Daily Citizen, anyone with chemistry knowledge and the “correct formula” could potential make TATP.

For safety reasons, authorities blew up the entire apartment building.

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