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A Remarkable Twitter Story About a Man Showing His Younger Brother How to be a Gentleman

A Twitter user shared an inspiring story on April 1 about his little brother’s “date” and how he and his father joined forces to make it special. The thread has since gone viral with a tweet getting over 18K retweets.

Kingsley Morgan, who’s based in Jamaica, never expected the story of his brother Keneil and his dinner date would go viral. ” I was sharing this experience (just like always do) with the expectation of a few ‘awws’ and at most 25RTs. For it to go viral is completely bunkers to me,” he told to Atlanta Black Star. He continued, “I think a lot of people connected with the thread on an emotional level and cherish the fact that chivalry not only still exists, but is being passed down one generation to the next. From my dad, to my older brother, to me and now to Keneil.”

The story began with Morgan getting super excited at the chance to help Keneil impress his crush. “My little brother has a crush on this girl and he invited her over for dinner. I’m the chef and i’m geeked af!” Morgan made plans to spice up Keneil’s crush’s favorite dishes. “Apparently her favourite dish is curried chicken and white rice. I’m making Coconut-Curried Chicken and Lemongrass White Rice. I’m going in for my lil bro!”

While their dad put on some soul music, Morgan tried to sneak in a picture of his brother and his crush.

The meal was ready and Morgan was ready to show off his work.

The date loved the meal and noticed the lemongrass flavor in the rice. Morgan said, “Then she asked who came up with the idea to put lemongrass in rice? I said Keneil (my lil bro) did it one day and we liked it. Her: aww 😍”

When it was time for the young woman to go home, Keneil asked Morgan to take her home and he was the perfect gentleman.

Naturally, Keneil thinks he’s a celebrity since the thread went viral. But Morgan assured us both Keneil and his crush are taking their newfound celebrity in stride. On the reason why this moment was special, Morgan said, “We thought it important because the onus was placed on us, from the moment he was born, to teach him values and principles of an upstanding and honourable man. This was a big moment for both of them and we wanted it to be special.”

We’ll be on the lookout for updates on Keneil and his future dates.

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