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Watch How These Neighborhood Men Jump Into Action When They See a Black Woman Being Attacked


A group of neighborhood men were quick to jump to the defense of a Black woman being assaulted by a white man outside an apartment building.

Footage of the chance encounter circulated on social media on Tuesday, drawing mixed reactions from users who were itching to know the full story behind what appeared to be an unprovoked attack on the woman.

It’s unclear what started the struggle but the unidentified man is seen dragging the woman by her jacket, attempting to yank it off her. He finally pins her to the ground, straddling her as he peels the coat off her and begins rummaging through the pockets.

That’s when another man comes running from the complex, rushing to woman’s aid. At this point, the white guy takes off with the woman’s jacket. The other man runs behind him and attempts to throw a few jabs. Before you know it, the whole neighborhood is outside trying to square up with the jacket thief.

Critics were quick to question the video clip, however, saying they needed to know more before passing judgment. Some even suggested the woman was the thief, not the white man.

Other critics blasted the person who filmed the scuffle, arguing he/she shouldn’t have let the encounter escalate like it did.

All in all, the neighborhood brothers were praised for their chivalry.

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