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Fort Worth Police Chief Says Video Showing Black Man Repeatedly Punched By Cops Isn’t the Whole Story

A video captured by a passerby in Fort Worth, Texas shows two Texas cops, one restraining a man already on the ground and the other beating the man during an arrest that took place Saturday, March 31.

According to police reports, members of the Fort Worth Fire Department called the police after Forrest Curry, 35, became combative and threatened to attack them. When police arrived, Curry ran but was captured a short distance away. As Curry lay on the ground with both officers over him he pleads with the cop assaulting him, “Why are you punching me?”

Police Chief Joel Fitzgerald said in a news release Sunday that he believed the video did not depict the entire scenario. “The video being circulated depicts officers struggling with the male and striking him as they attempt to handcuff him. What the video does not depict is that it took 3 officers and 1 supervisor to effectively place the resisting subject into handcuffs,” Fitzgerald said. He added, “While we are actively investigating the incident, we are unable to release the full details at this time.”

Curry’s attorney Chris Stewart said in a prepared statement obtained by Star-Telegram, “It’s unfortunate that we’re seeing this time and time again. He was beaten as if he just robbed a bank. We will work tirelessly to determine exactly how this incident occurred and to address it in the most efficient manner.”

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