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White House Intern Photo Causes Uproar But Not Everyone Takes Issue with the Lack of Diversity

white house interns

The new crop of White House interns has spurred criticism. (Official White House photo by Shealah Craighead)

When the White House on Friday unveiled the new crop of interns serving for spring 2018, it was immediately met with backlash from Twitter users.

The photo, which was released March 30, shows President Donald Trump surrounded by 91 interns and there appear to be only two non-white people included in the class.

“Meet your White House spring interns, it’s qwhite the group,” one user quipped.

“The White House has released this photo of Trump with the White House spring interns,” someone stated. “Diversity this ain’t.”

“It doesn’t matter how many times a scumbag denies being an overt racist, Nazi-White Supremacist when the proof is constantly in the tapioca pudding,” another asserted.

“I missed the fall intern photo, but last summer and this spring, the White House had a combined 206 interns,” someone else said. “Among them: 3 Black men. 0 Black women. Out of 206.”

Yet not everyone took the same issue with the photo op.

“The commentary on the White House intern photo is super strange to me,” one Twitter user said. “The WH is full of white people. No s—. Did you expect different? Would you want more non-white people in what is undoubtedly a toxic space? I don’t understand.”

And others compared Trump’s 2018 interns to former President Barack Obama’s interns during his tenure.

Meanwhile, at least a couple of people compared the one Black man’s inclusion to Jordan Peele’s racial satirical thriller “Get Out.”

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