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Store Clerk Chases Teen, Guns Him Down Over a Can of Beer and That’s Not Even the Most Disturbing Part  

A local store clerk shot and killed a 17-year-old boy for allegedly stealing a can of beer, according to the Memphis Police Department.

On Thursday March 29 around 10:30 pm, Dorian Harris allegedly walked into the store and stole a can of beer. 28-year-old Anwar Ghazali chased Harris down the street and fired off several shots hitting the teen in the leg. A witness told police, according to a local news station WMC, that Ghazali then went back into the store and said, “I think I shot him.”

Ghazali never called the police to report the alleged theft or 911. Harris’ body wasn’t found until three days later by a neighbor. He was dead from a gunshot wound to the thigh.

Harris’ grandmother Effie Fitch told WMC Action News 5, “It shouldn’t have happened like that. He was a child and that was an adult. He ought to have more responsibility than that and he’s running a business.”

Ghazali is very familiar with Harris and his family including the teenager doing several odd jobs for the store owner.

Fitch told WMC, “If he had said something, Dorian’s life could’ve been saved. You don’t shoot nobody Thursday and here it is Saturday and you ain’t said nothing about it.” She continued, “They know us. You didn’t have to do nothing but just say, ‘Dorian [is] in here picking up something,’ which that ain’t him, I don’t think. But if he did do it like children do, why you just didn’t tell him he can’t come to the store no more?”

Ghazali admitted to shooting and killing Harris and will be charged with first-degree murder.

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