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Stevante Clark’s Aunt Passionately Fires Back at Criticism Over His Behavior Since Stephon Clark’s Death  

After Stephon Clark was shot and killed when Sacremento, Calif. police officers shot at him 20 times last month, his brother, Stevante Clark has been behaving erratically in public. While his actions may puzzle some, his aunt has provided an explanation for them.

During a rally led by former NBA star and Sacremento native Matt Barnes, Jamilia Land, who introduced herself as Clark’s aunt, spoke about how the 25-year-old’s grief has affected his mental health.

“[Stephon Clark’s] brother Stevante has post-traumatic stress disorder,” she said to the Cesar E. Chavez Plaza crowd. “Stevante has lost two of his brothers. I was over at Stephon’s grave site yesterday where he is buried on top of his 19-year-old brother.

“Stevante has lost his older brother, he has lost his baby brother, and he is losing some of his mind. And while everyone has something to say, while everyone wants to talk negative, this is why this baby says ‘We need a resource center.’ Where are the mental health professionals in our community?”

Stevante has spoken about meeting with Mayor Darrell Steinberg to build a 24-hour resource center and a library in his younger brother’s neighborhood. He mentioned it during an interview with “CNN Tonight” last week, where he demanded host Don Lemon says his brother’s name and became visibly upset. Stevante also interrupted a city council meeting and shouted at media gathered outside his 22-year-old brother’s funeral.

In addition to the work Stevante is doing in the wake of his brother’s death, Barnes announced he’d launch a scholarship for the children of Black men who died at the hands of cops.

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