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‘Why are you Attacking Me?’ This White Panelist Is Quickly Destroyed After Attempting to Play the Victim

A discussion on Canada’s state of affairs got heated this week after singer-songwriter Jully Black shut down a white co-host who deemed her oustpoken opinions as a personal attack.

The tense exchange came during a March 29 airing of Canada Reads 2018, a yearly “battle of the books” competition broadcast by the CBC.

“It’s important for us to really look at what book is going to have Canada open their eyes to what is happening on today,” Black said. “… There’s a lot of colonial privilege happening.”

Black barely had a chance to finish her point before TV personality Jeanne Becker chimed in, speaking over the singer to insert her own two cents.

“But what’s happening with ourselves?” Becker asked loudly. “Yeah, we have got to change the world but people are really … there’s a lot of screwed up people in the word. There’s a lot of people who need to work on themselves.”

Black agreed with her fellow panelist, highlighting that there are plenty of privileged people who don’t have an experience like others who simply swipe their VISAs to donate and then keep it moving.

“What are we doing to change the current circumstances?” she argued. “We just had a Pope say he’s not saying ‘I’m sorry,’ to Indigenous Canadians when he said that in 2015. It’s happening right now and it’s got to change.”

Things soon went left after Black finished her point, to which Becker asked, “But Jully, why are you attacking me?,” saying she felt Black was speaking about her personally. Canada’s “Queen of R&B Soul” did not take too kindly to the charge, however, and promptly ripped into her co-host.

“Truth hurts,” she said. “I said nothing about Jeanne Becker … whatever you’re feeling, take it to the altar, because I’m not the one that’s responsible for your feelings”

Watch more of their discussion above.

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