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Texas High School Student Gets Full-Ride to 20 Colleges Including 4 Ivy Leagues

A Texas high school student has his choice of top schools to go to after getting accepted to 20 universities across the nation.

Micheal Brown, who attends Mirabeau B. Lamar High School in Houston, Texas, received full-ride offers from schools including four Ivy Leagues — one of which was his top choice. Micheal, who also nabbed $260,000 in scholarships, had dreamed of attending California’s Stanford University as a child coming of age in the Third Ward.

Micheal, who was inspired by seeing his mother Berthinia Rutledge-Brown graduate college as an elementary school student, admitted to KHOU that he was “nervous” even though he studies “a considerable amount.” Rutledge-Brown revealed to CNN in a separate interview that she’d lost 3 other children before conceiving Micheal. After she finally had a son, she “poured all of her energy into giving him the very best that she possibly could.” The hard work, dedication and love paid off. Micheal is a self-motivated child, according to his mother, who took control of his education after the 6th grade. He’s only received one B thus far and even that was “very difficult” for him.

But the high achiever has something else to potentially fret about. He’ll have to choose from 19 other schools to attend, including Harvard, Yale, the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton, Johns Hopkins and USC-Berkley to name a few.

Where ever Micheal, decides to go, the student with a 4.68 GPA knows he’d like to major in politics before pursuing a law degree.

“Politics is the route for making changes on a bigger scale and working with people in the community,” he said.

As for other students who may want to achieve what he did but have their doubts, the debate team member and 100 Black Men of Houston member has a few words of encouragement.

“Be helpful. Dream big. Don’t be afraid,” Micheal said. “Be proud of your family, love yourself, love your community and then share your story. Inspire other people to really reach for the stars and achieve their dreams.”

Micheal has until May 1 to make a final decision on where he’ll spend the next four years.

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