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Kroger Security Guard Brutally Chokes and Body Slams 16-Year-Old Black Girl

14 Year Old Girl Gets Restrained By A Kroger Security Guard For Stealing A Bottle Of Liquor! #Follow👈

Posted by Johnny Rambo on Sunday, March 25, 2018

A white security guard used excessive force and body slammed a Black teen he allegedly caught shoplifting at a Kroger’s grocery store in Toledo, Ohio. The man caught on video has been identified as 32-year-old Tom Clingo, the Toledo Blade reports.

The video captured by local resident Tevin Ford, shows shoppers yelling and gathering around Clingo and the minor during the physical confrontation. At one point the security guard grabs the young girl, chokes her, and body slams her to the floor. One person shouts, “He thinks that’s his job? To handle a little girl like that? Are you crazy?”

“Tell him to get off of her!” another customer yelled. The incident lasted for at least five minutes before the police finally arrived. A man in the video told customers, “We can oversee it but just don’t touch him,” explaining to them that it’s not worth the charges.

The Toledo Police Department was sure to confirm with the Blade it’s none affiliation with Clingo. “It’s important to note that this was not a Toledo police officer and is in no way affiliated with the department… If people were upset with the manner in which he acted, they should contact Kroger,” said the department’s public information officer.

The unidentified teen was charged with robbery, meanwhile the 32-year-old walks free with no charges against him. Kroger declined to comment.


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