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Fans Are Puzzled By Naomi Campbell’s Noticeably Altered Nose in Snapshot

Naomi Campbell may be one of the world’s most recognizable supermodels, but she wasn’t quite looking like herself in a recent Instagram post.

The British fashion staple posted a bare-faced photo on her social media platform Tuesday, March 27 but fans weren’t pleased when they saw an apparently photoshopped version of the 5’9 stunner’s nose.

“Girlfriend. I love you Naomi but if you’re gonna post photoshopped photos, let them be subtle,” someone suggested.

“Why they PHOTOSHOPED YOUR *NOSE* ?, the ORIGINAL PIC WITH *YOUR REAL NOSE* ( With your real skin texture by the way, and your little perfection) is EVEN BETTER!,” one person said.

“It was a good photo before,” someone else said. “Photoshopped tho. Why?”

“Disappointing the Queen herself.. tragic,” another remarked.

“You are beautiful but where is your nose??,” one person stated.

Still, others were smitten by the image, declaring her a “natural beauty.”

“PROOF…BLACK DONT CRACK! Perfection ❤” wrote one commenter.

Another said, “So stunningly beautiful xxxx.”

“We want your skincare routine Naomi!!!” another pleaded.

naomi campbell

The original photo, styled by Patti Wilson, saw Campbell’s nose more prominent and her skin tone a little more uneven. Campbell has not responded to the backlash, however, she’s opened up twice about her body insecurity.

While speaking to Good Morning Britain in February, she said it “took me years for me to feel comfortable doing lingerie.” Five years before, she disclosed that she can feel insecure on the runway, too — despite having decades of experience.

“I’m not actually very confident,” she said on an episode of “The Face.” “I never want to be sure of myself, because I think if I get to that place, I’ll never do another show.”

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