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Police Ride Along Takes Near-Deadly Turn After Volunteer Officer Opens Fire on Black Driver

Constable Shoots Black Man

Constable Christopher Bachochin has been suspended from his volunteer duties. (Photo by Getty Images)

A volunteer cop in Florence, S.C. fired up to eight shots at a Black motorist who refused to get out of his car during a police traffic stop, prosecutors allege.

The incident occurred Saturday night as Constable Christopher Bachochin, who is white, was riding along with a Florence police officer, the Associated Press reported. The mayor and police chief have remained quiet about the shooting and immediately sought to clear the city of any wrongdoing. The city officer did not fire his weapon in the shooting.

It’s unclear why the driver was pulled over in the first place, but authorities say the officer and constable both ordered the man to step out of his car. That’s when Bachochin fired up to eight rounds as the driver appeared to be searching for something in his car, Solicitor Ed Clements told reporters at a news conference.

The motorist survived his injuries was released from the hospital on Monday, police said.

Clements will likely decide whether to charge Bachochin once the State Law Enforcement Division completes its investigation into the shooting. The names and identities of those involved haven’t been released, but Florence Mayor Stephen Wukela said he’s considering releasing body cam footage of the shooting.

The video “speaks for itself,” Wukela said, adding that he was bothered by what he saw.

The volunteer officer, who’s considered an “advanced” constable with more than 85 hours of training, has since been suspended from his duties, according to AP.

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