‘He Was the Calm One:’ Grieving Mother Learns Her Son Was Stabbed By His Fiance After Heated Argument 

A grieving mother is searching for answers after her son was fatally stabbed by his fiance following a wedding reception in Omaha, Nebraska earlier this month.

“I cannot wrap my head around my son being murdered,” Constance Durham told KETV through tears.

Durham’s son, Amir Bey, 35, died March 17 after being stabbed at a home in northwest Omaha, according to the station. Authorities arrested his fiance, Crystal Gross, 30, and booked her into Douglas County Corrections on suspicion of criminal homicide and the use of a weapon to commit a felony.

Bey suffered a single stab wound to the heart. Gross has yet to be formally charged, however.

“He obviously loved Crystal because it’s the first woman that he ever asked to marry him,” Durham said of her son, who traveled to Omaha to attend Gross’ sister’s wedding.

The couple was at the wedding reception prior to the stabbing, KETV reported. They decided to leave early and were alone at Gross’ sister’s home when the fatal incident unfolded. Durham said investigators told her the two had been arguing prior to leaving the party, adding that a witness at the bar described Bey as being calm as he tried calming his fiancee.

Durham said this isn’t the first time Gross has been violent toward her son.

“She hit him in the face and he just kept begging her to calm down,” she told the station of an incident in Texas where Gross was intoxicated. “My oldest son was there and witnessed it.”

Durham fears a claim of self-defense could lead to an open and shut case, leaving her with several unanswered questions about her son’s murder.

“My son has no connection to Omaha,” she said. “He has no family there. I know my son wouldn’t hurt anyone, and he didn’t deserve to die.”

Investigators declined to comment on specifics of the case but said they’re interviewing guests who were at the reception, as well as reviewing surveillance video.

Gross remains behind bars.

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