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Kellyanne Conway Gets Clowned After Advising Millennials to Eat Ice Cream Instead of Fentanyl

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway left folks scratching their heads after her dubious warning to millennials about the dangers of the powerful drug fentanyl.

“Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid — most of America suffers from information underload when it comes to the horrors and dangers … and really the toxicity and the lethality of fentanyl,” Conway, who’s heading the Trump administration’s efforts to combat the opioid crisis, told the audience at the Generation Next forum.

She noted that fentanyl is significantly more powerful than other opioids like morphine and warned students to avoid it at all costs.

“On our college campuses, you folks are reading the [food] labels,” Conway said. “They won’t put any sugar in their body, they won’t eat carbs anymore, and they’re very, very fastidious about what goes into their body. And then you buy a street drug for $5 or $10, it’s laced with fentanyl and that’s it.”

“So my short advice is, eat the ice cream, have the French fry, don’t buy the street drug,” she concluded. “Believe me, it all works out.”

Conway’s sage advice left the internet clutching their bellies in laughter, as she had seemingly found the “sweetest” solution to ending the opioid epidemic.


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