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Package With N-Word and Black Barbie Left In Mailbox For 7-Year-Old Girl

A Missouri woman says she received this package in her mailbox Fox 4 News

A 62-year-old Missouri woman received a package with the N-word written on it and a Black Barbie doll inside.
Linda Gibbs, who lives in Kansas City, told Fox 4 News she picked up the package and, “I flipped it over, and the first thing I saw was ‘n*gger'”. The package came wrapped in red and white Christmas wrapping paper and appears to have been intended for a child.
Gibbs who lives with her 7-year-old granddaughter said, “I’m still thinking it could have been my grandbaby” who picked the package up. Gibbs usually would tell her granddaughter to pick up the mail since she has a bad knee. “That’s what tore me up inside. She could have gotten that out there,” Gibbs said.
After all of the package bombing incidents in Austin, Texas, Gibbs decided to report the package to the police.  Officers arrived at the scene along with the FBI and a bomb squad. Authorities used a robot to retrieve the package to scan the content and, concluded it wasn’t life-threatening.
The police believed that the perpetrator may have been watching her house to know when to deliver the package and is most likely an adult.
Gibbs said that she educated her daughter about some people’s racial intolerance. Gibbs said, “I told her sometimes people are ignorant, but you look around, it’s diverse. No need to be ashamed of your skin color.”

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