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Black Biker Has Perfect Response for Two White Men Who Tried to Attack Him

Two pedestrians were met with a savage “one-two punch” after trying to pick a fight with a Black motorist in downtown Orlando.

Video of the hilarious incident, which flooded social media this week, shows one of the men walk up and kick the Black man’s bike for no apparent reason. The man swiftly hops off his motorcycle and socks his aggressor in the face, knocking him out cold.

The man’s friend, who seemed ready to jump in on the action, met a similar fate, falling to the ground after the motorist decked him in the eye. Some onlookers rushed to the men’s aid while others cheered the Black biker for handling his business.

When it was all over, the Black man mounted his bike once again and rode off into the night — unbothered. Here it is from another angle.

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