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Vitiligo Cover Girl Amy Deanna Shares Why She Chose Not to Change Her Skin Color

Cover Girl model Amy Deanna was only 18-years-old when she was diagnosed with the vitiligo skin condition. On Today Show, she stalked accepting the skin she’s in.

Before becoming the Cover Girl’s first ever vitiligo model, Deanna didn’t always feel so secure about her skin condition. She spoke about how she tried to hide the discoloration, “I tried.. covering up with make-up.” She continued, “the first time I covered myself completely, I felt like “wow.” I forgot what I looked like after having vitiligo for so long.”

Deanna shared about how she finally started to accept her skin. She said, “at first it (covering with make-up) felt good, but then I felt like I was waking up to please everybody else by covering myself.”  She continued, “me walking out into the world and showing my spots, it helped me embrace and love myself.”

The Cover Girl model then talked about ignoring the negativity and how people think she’s in black-face or covering up her patches. She said, “my support system is super amazing along with my faith makes it easier to deal with. I’m secure in myself.”

Deanna was very grateful for the opportunity to be a Cover Girl. She said, “I’m still in shock to be working with’s such a blessing.”


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