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Husband’s Apology to Wife for Seeing Her As ‘Weak’ Goes Viral


A husband’s lengthy apology to his wife is touching the hearts of hundreds since he posted a public note to her on Instagram Wednesday, March 14. But it’s also drawing some scrutiny.

Sean Price posted a message, which he also shared on Facebook, questioning how he could have ever seen spouse Ashley Price as weak.

“So many times I called her weak for her intense emotional reactions toward different things…,” wrote. “Told her to grow up, ‘be a woman,’ ‘stop being so insecure’… I’m so hard on my wife and oftentimes disconnected because the strength I thought she needed, I couldn’t see that she already had it. I confused her love and weakness for me, for lack of strength as a woman…”

He said after seeing Ashley give birth to their two children and come home daily after working a 12-hour shift, just to stay up with their son, things got put into perspective.

“How could I be so damn stupid, to see ‘weakness’ within all of this??” he continued. “Today, when I walked into the living room and saw this I realized just how much of a fool I AM… We miss what’s there in plain sight because we become fixated on the fantasy, not realizing that our reality is the fantasy… Sometimes you just have to remove the speck from your own eye! I thank God for my wife, for the ups and downs, and everyday lessons and the strength she has that I was blind to see. I am grateful for the revelation that today has brought.”

Responses to his post were largely supportive on Instagram and Facebook.

“Amen …I’m glad you see and appreciate her now,” an IG user commented.

“So beautiful!” said another. “True blessings.”

But on Twitter, it was another story.

In response, the Prices each issued their own follow-up posts.

Ashley hit reply first on Wednesday, March 14, explaining that Sean made the post as a way of acknowledging her side of things, which he typically doesn’t see during “heated arguments.”

“Sean is an awesome God fearing husband and father,” she said. “That post was his fashion of acknowledging that many of the harsh things he’s said DURING HEATED ARGUMENTS and FRUSTRATION are not how he feels. We’ve said crazy/disrespectful/disgusting things TO EACH OTHER with the intent to destroy egos.”

She went on to emphasize how grateful she is and emphasized that despite their differences, she still embraces their partnership.

“Sean and I disagree on SO MUCH ESPECIALLY CONSPIRACIES.. but that’s what makes us US,” she concluded. “I love him and although that pic is CRAZY 😟😂😂 I’m secure spiritually, mentally, and physically.. therefore I don’t need affirmation from strangers. It’s a nice gesture, however, I only care what Sean, and my mom think of me ☺.”

Sean’s response on Thursday, March 15 was significantly shorter and focused on shutting down his detractors.

“I don’t concern myself with those who chose to be receptive of a false message within my expression of love for my wife,” he said. “Absolutely nothing we do in this life is kept secret, God knows and sees all, so how foolish would it be to struggle with transparency?? I enjoy every step of my journey toward becoming the man, God created me to be. I will never run from my mistakes and I will never focus too much on my accomplishments.”

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