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Top 5 Stories You Missed While You Were Sleeping

Stephen Hawkings World Renowned Scientist Dies at 76: Stephen Hawking’s mathematician and astronomer, passed away at 76. He’s best known for his Big Bang theory that states the universe started with a bang.

Students Plan a National School Walk Out: Students all over the nation are protesting gun violence and stricter gun laws, by walking out of class.The students plan to leave class for 17 minutes, one minute for every person gunned down in the Parkland shooting in Florida. Today March. 14, marks 30 days since the massacre.

A Family’s Dog Dies on a United Airlines Flight: After a flight attendant forced a passenger to put her dog in the overhead bin, the dog died. The dog owner, Catalina Robledo, claimed the airline tried to settle the situation with money. According to ABC News, the airline has accepted “full responsibility.”

The Family of One of the Victim’s in Fatal Helicopter Crash Sues: The family of one of the passengers that died in the fatal helicopter crash in New York City has filed a lawsuit against the helicopter company. The pilot is accused of not properly protecting the passengers.

National Pi(e) Day is today March 14: Today is national pi(e) day where people celebrate math and enjoy delicious pies and pizzas. Enthusiasts celebrate the mathematical constant shorted to 3.14. Many restaurants are offering pies or pizzas for $3.14.

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