Paris Dennard Lashes Out At CNN Pundit Who Schooled Him on Trump’s Inappropriate Behavior

Trump surrogate Paris Dennard completely lost it on CNN contributor Tara Setmayer this past weekend when she rebuked President Donald Trump for praising authoritarian leaders and shaming the U.S. with his childish behavior.

During a Sunday panel discussion, CNN host Fredricka Whitfield discussed how Trump had made a number of controversial statements at a rally near Pittsburgh on Saturday, March 10. When he wasn’t lauding the leaders of North Korea and China, he was encouraging rally-goers to rise up against the U.S. media. The president also claimed a majority of women in the U.S. voted for him and suggested that drug offenders be executed for their crimes.

“This is a terrible idea,” Setmayer said of executing drug offenders. ” … The fact that the president of the United States would even entertain the examples of a totalitarian country like China or the Philippines, where their president is engaged in extra-judicial killings as something that we should consider here in the U.S.”

“Watching these people clapping for a president behaving that way, it concerns me,” she added. “And I think we as a country need to take a look at what’s going on here. It seems like rhetoric is more in control of what reality is coming from Donald Trump and his supporters, as opposed to what’s truthful, what’s factual.”

Setmayer continued to condemn Trump for his “petulant” behavior, which didn’t sit well with Dennard. The conservative pundit insisted the president’s claim that a majority of American women voted for him was true, despite numbers showing this was only factual when solely white women are counted.

“Look at the women who are serving in that White House,” he said. “It is diverse and is positive and it is something every one of those voters in that auditorium can support. I saw tons of women there that were actually cheering enthusiastically about what the president is doing. Because it is positive.”

“You can focus on the negative,” Dennard told Setmayer. “But the voters and the American people who are outside the bubble, outside of the beltway and outside of the punditry of people like Tara Setmayer understand what this president is doing and they appreciate it and they support it.”

When Setmayer tried to respond, Dennard loudly interjects, “He won the Electoral College vote and he’s the president! Get over it!”

“He won! That’s how we work!” he said.

Watch the rest of their heated exchange above.

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