Two Girls Have Already Launched a Fashion Empire Before Starting 3rd Grade

Sisters Stephanie Smith, 7, and Sam Smith, 4, have already begun their careers well before leaving elementary school.
The young girls along with their mom, Myla Patterson-Smith, started Sass-E Todds, an online children’s apparel company, in 2017. The brand, which features bright, bold colors, was designed by kids and for kids.
Patterson-Smith told “Megyn Kelly Today” Wednesday, March 7 that when she discovered her daughters’ gifts, she thought up the idea of turning their designs into a company, which the girls got excited about.
The sisters set up shop in the family living room, where they collaborate on making their work “look pretty,” as Stephanie said. Once the designs are done, a manufacturer in New Jersey creates them and the clothing is tested among customers.
And the girls are hands-on with the business too, something Smith says has helped both daughters — especially her oldest — grow.
“Stephanie began as a very, very shy and inward little girl,” mom says. “But as soon as she got this thing that she could grab onto, it just really helped her be confident in other areas.”
“It’s fun when we draw and it comes to life and you see how it looks and try it on,” Stephanie tells Megyn Kelly. “And it’s pretty and pink.”
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