Lil Duval and Charlamagne Tha God Exchange Harsh Words Over Black Oppression

A screenshot describing the reasons for Black oppression led to a short-lived back-and-forth between comedian Lil Duval and Charlamange Tha God.

Duval on Monday, March 5 posted an exchange between a man named Mr. Chang and an Asian interviewer. In essence, Mr. Chang says the Black community’s plight is because Black people don’t focus on empowering and uplifting one another like the Asian community does. Instead, Mr. Chang says, “the Black man will fight for the right to be up under everyone else other than other Black people who he should feel the most love for.”

In conjunction with the post, Duval wrote a “friendly reminder” in the caption.

“Nobody is holding Black people back but BLACK PEOPLE!” he wrote. “And it’s nobody’s responsibility to make life better for you but YOU! So stop complaining about obstacles you have to overcome WE ALL HAVE THEM ain’t s— equal on earth. Not even in the ocean.”

While Duval had lots of support from commenters…

lil duval charlamagne tha god

lil duval charlamagne tha god

…Charlamagne Tha God clearly disagreed.

“Stop Cooning!” he remarked.

lil duval charlamagne tha god

And, not everyone sided with Duval. Charlamagne’s stance had support, too.

lil duval charlamagne tha god lil duval charlamagne tha god

But not one to be shut down, Duval hit Charlamagne back with a personal dig.

“Don’t make me call Mo’Nique to read you again.”

Duval referenced the heated exchange between Charlamange and Mo’Nique on “The Breakfast Club” where the two disagreed over valid reasons for her boycott of Netflix. It culminated in Mo’Nique leaving the studio by comparing the radio host to a traitor slave from “Birth of a Nation.”

Still, it seems the two have no hard feelings. The comments appear to have been deleted as of Tuesday, March 6.


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