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Van Jones Argues Obama ‘Would’ve Been In Gitmo’ If He Behaved Like Trump

Van Jones Blasts Republicans for Their Racial Hypocrisy, Says Obama Would be In Guantanamo If He Had a Week Like Trump

Political commentator Van Jones chided the race-based hypocrisy of the Republican Party this week by contending that President Obama would’ve been remanded to Guantanamo Bay had he had a week like Trump.

Jones made the blunt declaration during a Sunday appearance on ABC’s “This Week” with George Stephanopoulos.

“If President Obama had one week like this, he would have been in Guantanamo,” he said. “They would have said this guy lost it … He’s driving all over the road like a drunk driver–Biden is now president.”

Jones argued there would be “millions of people in the streets right now” had Obama made the impulsive decision to confiscate everyone’s guns and worry about due process later.

Jones has made similar suggestions in the past, arguing that Trump nor his administration have been held to the same standard in regards to his fitness to serve as POTUS.

“In any other situation, if 50 percent of the people around a president were concerned that he was not fit to do the job, that would be a global emergency,” he said during another interview in January. “I think sometimes we just adapt to the absurdity here.”

Some conservative Americans didn’t take too kindly to Jones’ insinuation, however, arguing Obama deserved to be in Guantanamo for some of his policies.

“If the media dug into Obama with 1/100th of the zeal they do with Trump, I am sure we would have been saying Pres Biden,” one person wrote. “The left somehow neglects to mention the free pass they gave Obama while they had their heads nestled in his backside.”

“President OZero had 8 years of Crimes and Scandals ….
The Press and the DOJ saved his sorry-Black azz from spending the rest of his Life in the ….Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas Federal Correction Institute! but, his day is coming Fast!” wrote someone with the screen name “America-Lover”

“Apparently, there’s a high percentage of mental illness in the loudmouth Black population,” said another.

“Trump isn’t for a quick second being even the least bit supported by the media!” someone commented. “The MSM is almost 100% against Trump, while Obama had it easy, never having to stress media coverage! Obama got away with metaphorical murder, the useless punk!”

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