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White Male Wanted for Making ‘Terroristic Threats’ Toward Georgia NAACP Member: ‘My Profession, Murdering Black People’

The Cobb County Police Department is investigating racist terroristic threats made towards the NAACP branch office in Marietta, GA around 1 a.m Monday.

Executive Director of Cobb NAACP Deane Bonner, said after being out sick, she checked daily voicemails only to hear a perturbing nasally voice threatening the lives of Black people.

“My number is kill ni**er 101. My name, Johnny Rebel. My profession, murdering Black people. F**k you stupid f***king n***ers… F**king kill yourself, stupid n***er-loving Jews.”

Bonner immediately called the police on Wednesday, although she and the organization are use to threats like this. She explains the call comes soon after the school shooting in Parkland, Florida which has her shaken up.

“Two weeks ago, 17 kids were killed, and you have people that will get on the phone and call this office and be this ugly with us,” she told Marietta Daily Journal.

Two detectives visited the organization’s headquarters to listen to the message and was played another troubling voicemail from 2017 left by a Ku Klux Klan member by the name of Nick Cox.

“I wanted to talk about them black people for a little bit and how trashy and nasty they are… You need to get back to your f***ing country. This is a white man’s land, for the white man, founded on the white man, for the white man. Have a good day. The South will rise again. White power”, said Cox.

Cobb Detective Lt. John Knoblach told the newspaper, the terroristic threats are a matter of importance which the department is taking seriously.

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