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Steph Curry’s Adorable Moment with D.C. Area Kids at the Black History Museum

Rather than making the traditional trek to the White House, 2017 NBA Finals winners Golden State Warriors decided to take some D.C. youth to the National Museum of African-American History and Culture. And while the kids were pumped about the trip, the athletes themselves got something out of it too.

Point guard Steph Curry documented the Tuesday, Feb. 27 visit asking the youth from Seat Pleasant, Md., which is Kevin Durant’s hometown, if they’re having a good time to prompt cheers of delight.

“This is the whole point, you gotta tell me something you learned after we leave this exhibit, all right?” Curry asks the kids, on Instagram Live as they pass through the Cultural Expression exhibit featuring James Brown and Chuck Berry’s car among others. “So you gotta pay attention. You gotta keep your eyes open.”

Curry wasn’t the only Warrior documenting his visit. Guard Shaun Livingston snapped a group photo for Instagram and other teammates have since reflected on their visit to the Washington Post.

“That was the first time I’d been in there, so it was definitely cool learning some more stuff,” Durant said after saying “all of it” was the most substantial part of the museum. “And just being there with my teammates and kids with my neighborhoods was pretty cool. It was beautiful. They put a lot of time and effort into it, and it shows a lot about African American culture. I feel like everybody needs to see it.”

Shooting guard Klay Thompson enjoyed the museum’s layout, which spanned the 13th century through present day.

“I could stay in there for hours,” he said. “You could learn so much. It’s incredible how much knowledge is in there, so it’s really hard to pick one standout exhibit. There was a lot of great things I learned. I thought a lot about African-American history, and I learned a tremendous amount just in the short time I was there.”

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