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Snoop Dogg Has a Message For Trump on Gun Debate

Many celebrities have been vocal about the mass shooting at Douglas High School in Parkland, FL, and rapper Snoop Dogg decided to join in on the debate.

The hip-hop mogul posted a video to Instagram on Thursday and gave some suggestions to President Trump on gun laws and tips on making schools safer.

“One thing I want to say is that I feel like schools should be protected”, Snoop explained. “We have enough law enforcement that do nothing but ride around and look for ni**as to arrest and harass motherfu**ers. You can put them in front of the schools.”

The “Beautiful” rapper went into depth about the different safety measures that are present in predominantly Black schools and maybe the government should institute the same tools in other schools.

“You could also have metal detectors at schools like that do in the hood schools… That’s why you don’t hear about no shootings at the hood schools because we take provisions and make sure that kind of s**t don’t happen.”

As the conversation continues to circulate around the controversial topic of gun control and methods to reduce school shootings, Snoop relays what matters most is “kids are supposed to be safe.”

The West coast rapper wrapped up the video with a few last words for Trump. “This is just Snoop Dogg sending some you know suggestions to the president. Hopefully, the motherfu**er will listen.”

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